Do you know what's really in your water?A toxic tsunami is coming.

The 43-old federal law that regulates tap water is so out of date that "the water Americans drink can pose what scientists say are serious health risks" - yet, it is all considered legal.

Like a tsunami, this wave of pollution cannot be stopped, and it is building momentum.

How to protect yourself

Find out what water companies are not required by law to discloseJust because it's legal doesn't make it safe

(We are working hard to catalog the water reports for all the cities we serve. If your city does not appear on the list, please let us know)

Get off the bottleIt's time to go green

When you consume nearly any brand of bottled water, you ingest what scientists say are, “The most potent and toxic chemicals known to man.”

On top of that, in the United States alone, 70 billion single-use plastic water bottles were thrown away. They never dissolve. They are permanent.

Leave plastic bottles behind

Enevive can help you to ditch single-use plastics

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Meaningful ThirstSafe water for everyone

Dirty water kills more people every year than all forms of violence - including war. Every 21 seconds, one child needlessly dies from water-borne illnesses. Enevive has taken responsibility to help those in desperate situations. We support the humanitarian efforts of

We believe that clean water is a basic human right.

1 in 10 People Lack Clean Water

You can change that.

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If there was something dangerous in your water, would you want to know?

We would love to come test your water and show you what you are really getting through your tap. Most visits take less than 30 minutes.

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