Plastic Pollution

In the United States alone, 70 BILLION single use plastic water bottles were thrown away. Placed end to end, these bottles would circle the equator 325 times. They never dissolve. They are permanent.

As crazy as it may sound, most but not all of the water being sold to consumers is no different than tap water. The greenest way to live is to leave plastic bottles behind and to bring clean water directly to your home.

Plastic bottles permanently damage the planet

It's time to get off the bottle

Toxins in Plastic

When you consume nearly any brand of bottled water, you ingest what scientists say are, “The most potent and toxic chemicals known to man”.

“There is virtually no major human health trend over the past 30 years that hasn’t increased such as child hood diabetes, that is not related to exposure to these chemicals. We find it relating to obesity, breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes in adults, brain disorders (ADHD), liver disease, and infertility disorders.” Dr. Frederick Saal, Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Missouri-Columbia

BPA Free Isn't Safe

National Institute of Health reviewed over 700 peer reviewed published studies, and 38 internationally recognized scientists said, “We are extremely concerned about the impact of this on human health.”

“BPA FREE” bottles are not safe. The petroleum industry has created a false sense of security by replacing BPA with BPS and other toxic products, and tests prove they are just as, if not more toxic than BPA.

What is Enevive doing?

Enevive has a solution to bottled water, & the plastic dilemma.

By providing clean, healty water to your home, you can eliminate your need for bottled waters. Not only does this save you money, but it saves the environment and your health.

Through our research, we've found the best way to get you off the bottle, and with a quick visit we can help find the solution that fits your family's needs.

What can I do?

Stop drinking bottled water. It is as simple as that. Replace the pollutant plastic bottles with clean water from your home and you will be doing yourself and the world a favor. Enevive can help you to know what is in your water and help you to find the best way to ensure it is clean and healthy - so you can replace your plastic bottle habit with true green living in your home.

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