Without even realizing it, the tap water in your house could contain harmful levels of toxins and chemicals


  • A CERTIFIED ANALYST (not a salesman) will give you the latest data, conduct an ANALYSIS, and give you a copy of your cities tap water report with a brief explanation.

  • All this with ZERO sales pitch we guarantee it!

  • No “BAIT AND SWITCH” or demo of a water filter or softener.

  • This is STRICTLY RESEARCH ONLY! This is completely enlightening.

  • Out of respect for time, we actually time the meeting taking only 29 minutes or less.


  • Are you ready to look and see what’s really in your tap-water that may be affecting you and your family’s health right now?

  • If you have ever considered WHY filtering your tap-water is more important than ever before, then our Research Division is perfect for you!
  • ENEVIVE TRANSFORMS every aspect of water even at the cellular level returning it back into its Original Life: clean, safe, pure, every day, everywhere, for everyone!

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    What Is In Your Water?
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